Product Development of 65W Digital PD Adapter

USB Type-C Power Delivery (PD) is a universal fast-charging protocol for powering cell phones, tablets and laptop computers with the same power supply. It has been promoted as the next generation of charging technology by industry leading companies such as Google and Apple. This all-in-one charging solution will allow customers to carry only one charger for all their portable devices. It is anticipated that PD adapter will gain an exponentially increase of market share of the whopping 1.7 billion shipment market in the coming few years. Existing PD products are not satisfactory from the point view of size and weight, because their switching frequency is limited. The circuit and control strategy developed in this project can achieve 10 times higher switching frequency to allow significant size reduction of the adapter. As compared to the industry benchmark, the developed 65W prototype is 70% smaller than Apple’s 61W PD adapter. Besides, the proposed technology achieves higher power conversion efficiency than the best product available on market to facilitate the energy conservation goals.

Faculty Supervisor:

Yan-Fei Liu


Yang Chen


I-INC Foundation for Business Development


Engineering - computer / electrical


Professional, scientific and technical services


Queen's University



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