Production Line Packaging Sensor Optimization

Automated production lines use in food, beverage and pharmaceutical manufacture can subject the product being produced and especially the product packaging to high levels of mechanical stress. These stresses can take many forms, be it impact, side pressure, vertical pressure, etc. Plant quality assurance engineers are constantly making adjustments to their automated systems to reduce these stresses to acceptable levels while increasing throughput. MASITEK's sensor packages help identify these stresses, especially those that are potentially damaging.

As consumers demand more environmentally friendly packaging, sizes of products decrease and speeds of automated handling systems increases it is important that the sensor packages be smaller, more sensitive and more accurate. This project will focus on increasing the sensitivity and repeatability of the sensor packages, significantly decreasing their size, and improving the radio link employed.

The research and remediation of the sensor deficiencies will help MASITEK retain existing market share and attract new customers. The acquired internal knowledge and alliances derived from this project will provide a blueprint for future research activities and commercialization opportunities.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Bruce Colpitts


Robert J Snell


MASITEK Instruments Inc.


Engineering - computer / electrical


Environmental industry


University of New Brunswick



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