Production of Healthy DAG-Enriched Oil from Canola Using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Media in Par-Baked Frozen Dough Products

Structured lipids, specifically diacylglyceride (DAG) oils, have potential to replace trans fats and oils high in saturated fats such as palm and thus provide healthier oils with improved functionalities and sustainability. However, they are produced using costly and environmentally unfriendly “enzyme in solvent” systems, and have shortcomings when utilized in certain food applications. DAG oils are clinically claimed to help reduce fat accumulation and can have a major impact on obesity, which is currently identified as a global health risk by the United Nations World Health Organization. This research will investigate the feasibility of manufacturing DAG oil from canola oil based on enzymatic reaction (ER) using supercritical carbon dioxide (SC-CO2). Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) technique will be used to analyze the final product. The SC-CO2 and NMR are “green” solutions compared to current solvent systems and have to potential to be more cost effective. This study is exploring how to use new DAG oil structuring that will produce products with favorable processing and end-use properties, favorable public health and environmental outcomes.

Faculty Supervisor:

Peter Jones


Nazanin Vafaei


Canola Council of Canada


Food science


Alternative energy


University of Manitoba



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