Program to Evaluate and Improve Visual Analytic Processes for Analyzing Maintainability, Reliability and Safety Data – Part 1

The average person manages uncertainty on a daily basis, from determining whether to invest in a particular stock to predicting the outcome of a baseball game. However, in some cases, such as that of Boeing safety analysis, the consequences can be much larger. When people’s lives are at stake, effective tools to manage and communicate uncertainty to decision makers are essential. Before being able to visually represent uncertainty effectively, there is a need for understanding where it fits in the analytic process and current methods of visualization. This study involves a structured qualitative approach using Boeing safety analysts to understand the cognitive aspects of communicating uncertainty. This will help to develop a scientific basis for designing visual analytics tools that are useful to more than just safety analysts.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Brian Fisher


Andrew Wade, Aaron Smith


AeroInfo Systems - A Boeing Company


Interactive arts and technology


Aerospace and defense


Simon Fraser University



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