Programmable light for microscopy

Computational optics is the integration of algorithms to enhance optical imaging and exceed its physical limitations. The principles of computational optics can be used in microscopy by implementing programmable illumination to control the application of light onto tissue. MTT Innovation Inc.’s Light Steering Projection technology uses laser illumination, spatial phase modulation, and image processing algorithms to direct light from dark regions to brighter regions that require more light. This improves the dynamic range and contrast levels of resulting images. This research project will investigate the integration of programmable illumination into various imaging modalities commonly used in microscopy, including bright-field, dark-field, and phase contrast imaging. This project will also explore the feasibility of computational microscopy in monitoring the blood flow within the microcirculatory vessels of critically ill patients. By looking at these vessels, clinicians can tell how much oxygen organs in the body are receiving, which can aid in patient assessment.

Faculty Supervisor:

Roger Tam


Andrea Buenconsejo



Engineering - biomedical



University of British Columbia



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