Progressive Cybernetics Decentralized Autonomous Organization (PCDAO)

Digitization of assets is becoming a dominant form of business operations today; the Internet of Things and increased connectedness to consumers and citizens alike is creating a decentralized virtual marketplace for digital services and assets. The potential for sharing technology assets is high due to digitization (the new way of referring to digital transformation). Principles being applied in the general industry are now being adopted by civic and academic entities as a means of interacting directly with citizens, businesses and start-ups alike, fostering innovation and acceleration to market and commercialize digital assets. This opportunity is to research the potential of a Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) to facilitate crowdsourcing, pooling of objectives and resources based on shared desires across multi-disciplinary industries including civic, distance education and academic programs.

Faculty Supervisor:

Qing Tan;Klimis Ntalianis


Mickael Yusufidis


Redlizard Studioz


Computer science


Information and communications technologies


Athabasca University



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