Property evaluation of tamarack veneer and plywood

Tamarack is deemed as an underutilized species. Recently York North Veneer Products Inc. (YNVP) received an inquiry on use of Tamarack veneer as sheathing materials in construction of light frame walls in Japanese market with an aim to replace Russian larch and Douglas-fir veneer. To meet this demand, YNVP working with UNB's Wood Science and Technology Centre, plan to recruit a PDF to conduct the following research: 1) gather the information on the physical and mechanical properties of tamarack plus the reference species (Russian larch and Douglas-fir); 2) test these properties of veneer; 3) develop sorting criteria for veneer quality according to the Japanese and American standards; and 4) fabricate plywood using aforementioned three species in the outermost layers with optimized the layups of tamarack plywood by reducing the thickness of the outer layers, while still maintaining the necessary strength properties.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Meng Gong


Ling Li


York North Veneer Products Inc.






University of New Brunswick



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