Prototyping for Manufacturing Point-of-Care Instruments

Remote health settings require affordable blood tests to provide care. ChipCare aims to reduce the cost of these tests by producing a user-friendly device the size of a credit-card reader. Disposable cartridges that go into the device will bring down costs. One aim of this project is to improve the design of the reader in a 3D modelling software. The newer version of the reader can then accept multiple sized cartridges. This will expand the detection scope by allowing multiple diseases to be detected. The other aim of the project is to develop a manufacturing method that will allow the above cartridges to be produced quickly. This involves using a
manufacturing tool called the Hot Embosser. The tool allows the cartridge design to be imprinted onto any plastic material. The turnaround time for the cartridges will be drastically reduced which will shorten the development time. The attainment of these two aims will allow ChipCare Corp to eventually mass-produce inexpensive medical testing kits.

Faculty Supervisor:

James Stewart Aitchison


Shreesha Jagadeesh




Engineering - computer / electrical


Medical devices


University of Toronto



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