Public Broadcasting Reviews and the Public Interest: An Evaluation of Procedures and Outcomes Since the Liberalization of the Broadcasting Sector

This study will evaluate the process and outcomes of public broadcasting reviews over the last 30 years in English-speaking parliamentary democracies. The objective is two]fold: to measure the effectiveness of the review process in each country, and to evaluate and make recommendations about the process in Canada. While a great deal of literature on this sector focuses on the structure and operation of public broadcasters themselves, this study aims to contribute to the less common discussion of policy reviews. Created to address issues that compromise the integrity of the overall audio-visual system in Canada, FRIENDS of Canadian Broadcasting (FRIENDS) regularly conducts research, prepares submissions and appears before such reviews. This study is designed to contribute to the organizations' deep knowledge of the broadcasting review process and provide long-term value as a resource that can be easily updated as more information becomes available in subsequent years.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Tuna Baskoy


Deanna Ivy Cadette


FRIENDS of Canadian Broadcasting


Epidemiology / Public health and policy



Ryerson University



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