Qualification and Performance Analysis of 4.0 kV Motor Coils Subjected PWM Voltage


The insulation system of medium voltage motors is traditionally designed for 50/60 Hz power frequency; however, because of application of motor speed drives, the insulation system is subjected to repetitive fast pulses such as PWM. These fast pulses produce elevated electrical and thermal stresses on the motor insulation that can eventually lead to premature insulation failure. In this study, the complete insulation system of 4 kV motor coils is evaluated through qualification and performance tests. For qualification test, the coils will be evaluated in a long term accelerated ageing under PWM pulse voltage. The duration of the test is about 1500 h. Diagnostic tests will be performed before and after the test and the results will be analyzed. The results of this work benefit the partner to compare the life of the coils at power frequencies and pulse, and do remedies accordingly.




Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Shesha Jayaram


Emad Sharifi-Ghazvini


General Electric Canada Inc.


Engineering - computer / electrical




University of Waterloo



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