Qualitative assessment of breast asymmetry using 3-Dimensional modeling, with Computer Vision and Deep Learning

Breast asymmetry is a condition affecting over 50% of all women and often not a cause for significant concern, but asymmetry due to life-saving invasive surgeries like mastectomy are severe and known to have a profound impact on a breast cancer survivor’s emotional well-being and quality of life. Despite the growing demand for aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgeries in recent times, there is a lack of reliable tools for assessing patients’ breast morphology perioperatively. Due to this, surgeons can only rely on their expertise to perform naked eye assessments, often leading to more revisions. To address this issue, OpAI Innovations Inc. aims to study available imaging data using Machine Learning algorithms. This will facilitate the design and development of an easy-to-use software tool, capable of assessing patient’s breasts perioperatively, operable by surgeons and clinical technicians for improving the outcomes of reconstructive and aesthetic breast procedures.

Faculty Supervisor:

Thomas Fevens


Prabhakara Subramanya Jois


OpAI Innovations Inc


Engineering - computer / electrical


Health care and social assistance


Concordia University


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