Quantifying Environmental and Anthropogenic Impacts on Coastline Instability at Point Pelee National Park (PPNP) and Peninsula

The focus of this project is to measure the historical and current rates of shoreline change around Point Pelee National Park (PPNP) and Peninsula. This information, combined with survey, climate, land use, and statistical data, will provide a better understanding on the primary causes, locations, and timings of significant shoreline change trends observed within the region. A conference or ‘Hackathon’ will be conducted to gather local scientists, engineers, and stakeholders to collectively discuss potential strategies designed to mitigate the environmental impacts of shoreline erosion around the peninsula. The primary goal of this work is to provide baseline data and methodologies that will be used to inform and guide continuous coastal monitoring and managements strategies in the region.

Faculty Supervisor:

Chris Houser


Alex Smith


Essex Region Conservation Authority


Environmental sciences


Administrative and support, waste management and remediation services


University of Windsor



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