Quantifying the financial benefits of technological solutions for improved water and tailings management

Of the many sustainability issues facing the mining sector, water has emerged as one of the most business critical. This project quantifies the benefits of investing in water and tailings technologies in financial terms in order to identify contextual environments wherein water-related savings make the most economic sense. The outputs of this project will be of direct benefit to the mining sector and the industry partner through providing information needed to justify investments in water-saving technologies and thereby enhance more effective organizational decision-making. The project also provides participating interns with an opportunity to gain direct exposure and experience with one of the world’s largest equipment service and process knowledge suppliers for the mining sector. Furthermore, research outputs will be published in blog pieces, conference presentations and journal publications that will be made publicly available to other companies operating in Canada and beyond.

Faculty Supervisor:

Nadja Kunz;John Steen


Benjamin Cox;Zorigtkhuu Bat-Erdene;Sally Innis


FLSmidth Ltd





University of British Columbia



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