Quantum and Silicon Photonics Library for AIM photonics

Quantum computing (QC) is expected to deliver the next leap in information technology, with anticipated impacts as significant as the development of silicon integrated circuits and the Internet. Photonic QC provides the advantage of a scalable platform based on silicon manufacturing. Industry has recognized the potential of a purely photonic approach, as being pursued by Xanadu (Toronto, Canada) and PsiQuantum (California). However, photons don’t last long while travelling in silicon waveguides, meaning it is difficult to perform many quantum operations before the photons are lost. The major challenge for the scaling of photonics-based QC is optical loss – “every photon counts”, as “a photon once lost cannot be recovered”. It is thus critical to develop ultra-low loss photonic components, which can be achieved by careful design, and by fabrication in a world-class facility.

Faculty Supervisor:

Nicolas A. F. Jaeger


Mustafa Hammood


Dream Photonics


Engineering - computer / electrical


Professional, scientific and technical services


University of British Columbia



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