Quantum dots labelling technology to assess polysaccharides disposition profile and innate immune function

In the past decade, sales of several natural health products (NHPs), including Canadian grown American ginseng, have seen an unprecedented spike due to their wide health benefits. One of the key bioactive constituents in ginseng is polysaccharide(s) (PS) known to significantly boost the immune system by modulating a host of immune cells. Unfortunately, there is no specific analytical tools at present to elucidate their disposition and pharmacology. We have been successful in synthesizing and characterizing Ginseng-PS conjugated to carbon dot. This proposal will focus on extending our study to the Ginseng-PS, lipopolysaccharides (LPS), and non-pathogenic bacteria with silicon quantum (Si QDs). The labelled G-PS will provide more understanding of their disposition in biological system as well as their interaction with therapeutic targets. This will enable the refinement of design of novel polysaccharide-based immunomodulation nutraceuticals, such as PS nanoparticles, and provide scientific and clinically relevant evidence to support their health claims.

Faculty Supervisor:

Baoling Chen


Mohammed Abdelhameed


Western Phytoceutica Inc.





Lambton College



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