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The objective of this project is to develop an analytics platform that will give us an understanding of sensory data in predicting trends and relationships between sales and wine sensory data. The wine sensory data we will use in this project is entered by reviewers and consumers rating various attributes such as Aroma, Appearance and Flavor during wine tasting. The Wine Sales data is gathered by the BC liquor board. We would integrate wine sensory data with sales data from the industry to study the relationship between sensory and sales data and the importance of sensory data in sales outcomes. We would use various techniques on the sensory dataset to establish the importance of each sensory attribute and the overall significance of the datasets individually and when integrated. The analysis will also predict the sales trends of new products based on their sensory analysis and state how various wine reviewers differ in their analysis of similar products. This will lead to new revelations on how research analysis can be conducted on product and market trends, and change the innovation process for new products.

Faculty Supervisor:

Fred Popowich


Jaypratap Naidu


Rachis Wine Assessment Inc


Computer science


Information and communications technologies


Simon Fraser University



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