Radio-frequency Thermal Plasma Assisted Solid Waste Conversion to Energy using Thermochemical Process Technology

The field of plastic waste management is essential for sustainable society that utilizes plastic waste for energy production. Land filing and incineration of plastic waste has large environmental impacts due to GHG emissions. Thus, pyrolysis is considered a low environmental impact process with high value end products. RF thermal plasma technology will help reduce operating cost, cleaner thermal source, shorten reaction time and provide high quality hydrocarbon gasoline and diesel. The research project involves developing a highly efficient RF thermal plasma system that can work in pyrolysis reactors. The partner organisation will start to utilize thermal plasma systems in their chemical reactors and drive the waste management industry forward by reducing operating cost of plastic to oil.

Faculty Supervisor:

Hossam Gaber


Mohamed Aboughaly;Ahmed Gad;Vahid Damideh


Pro-Flange Ltd


Engineering - other




Ontario Tech University



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