Rapid assessment of decision biases using reach-decision tasks in web-based applications

Imagine being asked two questions during a job interview: 1) Are you more collaborative or more individual? 2) Would you prefer working from home or working in the office? Now imagine that you feel strongly that you are collaborative, and slightly prefer working from home. An interviewer might look at those two responses and feel they are contradictory. However, if they knew that you were more indecisive about working at home, it would make more sense. Here, we propose to use movement dynamics recoded via mobile apps to provide this more detailed decision information. For Paradigm, our partner organization that specializes in assessment, this new assessment platform will mean they can more easily access this rich decision information, resulting in better information collected from more people in less time.

Faculty Supervisor:

Craig Chapman


Alexandra Ouellette Zuk


University of Exeter





University of Alberta


Accelerate International

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