Rapid bioprinting of ring structures using primary lung epithelial cells for drug screening and wound healing assay

Disease modelling and drug development includes a stage where cells are grown and studied inside a
laboratory under controlled conditions for a varying set of parameters. One of the most commonly
performed lab tests are wound healing or cell migration where the effect of different concentrations of
drug or an allergen is studied over time. The state-of-art method of performing these wound healing
tests lack consistency, time consuming and intrusive. We have developed a method where the cells are
patterned on a surface using an external magnetic field. It takes 3 hours to pattern cells and no scratch
is needed in this case. This method is consistent and is scalable to a micro well plate format. We are
partnering with Lab2Market to perform a market research and customer discovery for the developed

Faculty Supervisor:

Ishwar Puri;Jeremy Hirota;Rakesh P Sahu


Tamaghna Gupta


I-INC Foundation for Business Development


Engineering - biomedical


Professional, scientific and technical services


McMaster University



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