R&D agenda in Data Science for emergency response

A person with COVID-19 can spread the disease to others. Therefore, it is crucially important to identify and isolate infected persons immediately to stop disease spreading. Contact tracing is one of the critical tools available to effectively break the chain of transmission and control outbreaks.
Contact tracing is the process of identifying, assessing, and managing people who have been exposed to disease to prevent onward transmission. This process allows for the rapid identification of people who become symptomatic. Identifying people at the onset of the symptoms and promptly isolating them reduces the exposure to other persons, preventing subsequent infections. Additionally, promoting isolation and getting the person to treatment decreases the delay in supportive treatment, which improves the likelihood of survival.
SimplyCast plans to support these activities by expanding the capability of the contact tracing API provided by Apple and Google as a trigger to support the health department and user to initiate the next step of the process once someone is identified that they may be involved in the virus-related incident.

Faculty Supervisor:

Evangelos Milios


Alexander Loginov




Computer science


Information and cultural industries


Dalhousie University


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