Re-engineering business process of an insurance broker group

This project aims to identify and fix the gaps in existing business processes of commercial insurance brokers group. In order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the processes, I plan to redesign the processes to eliminate bottlenecks and improve the service quality by developing workflow management system for the organization. Workflow management system deals with supporting business processes in the organization. The end product includes streamlined business process with integrated workflow management system that will take care of modeling, execution, management and monitoring of workflow. Streamlined business process would make sure the status of a client application is transparent and traceable within the organization that is currently one of the major limitations because of the current business process. Also the deployment of workflow management system in the organization will reduce the manual work at each department of the organization by automating the tasks currently being performed manually.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Tom Dean


Harman Singh


Upper Canada Commercial Insurance Group


Engineering - computer / electrical


Finance, insurance and business


Queen's University



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