Real Estate Information System User Experience Analysis

Real estate information systems (REIS) provide real estate market participants with information that helps inform their decisions. Most prior REIS research has focused on price estimating and forecasting. Although price is important, it is not the only variable of interest.

This research seeks to investigate the needs of REIS users. Who are they? What information do they need? How should that information be presented to maximize its accessibility? How do users’ stated preferences for information differ from their revealed preferences? What challenges exist for providing REIS users with access to the information they want?

By surveying REIS users, and designing, developing, and validating a prototype REIS system designed to provide REIS market participants with the information they want, this research will provide valuable information that will help inform the development of effective REI systems.

Faculty Supervisor:

Maiga Chang


Jamie Czerwinski


Devonshire Group Ltd


Computer science


Real estate and rental and leasing


Athabasca University


Accelerate Masters Fellowship

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