Real Time Decision Support for Quality Assurance and Productivity Improvement in Drainage Tunnel Construction: Research, Development and Implementation

During the proposed Mitacs Accelerate program time period, the intern (student researcher) will electrically evaluate, revise, and improve the integrated circuits himself designed for Peraso Technologies in winter 2013. This project will also include the design and implementation of a die package that hosts Peraso’s wireless communication systems including the integrated circuits designed by the intern. This project is part of Peraso’s R&D effort to improve the performance of its existing wireless communication system. The results from this project have strong potential to be implemented in its future commercial products. In the same time, the research carried out will lead to the successful completion of the intern’s thesis report. Therefore, this project is beneficial to both the industrial partner (Peraso Technologies) and the intern (Yin Fei Meng).

Faculty Supervisor:

Brian Frank


Yin Fei Meng


Peraso Technologies Inc.


Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and communications technologies


Queen's University



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