Real-Time embedded systems development using a simulation-based approach

Real-time systems are built as sets of components interacting with their environment. In most cases (including robotics, traffic control, manufacturing and industrial applications, etc.), these applications must satisfy "hard" timing constraints. If these constraints are not met, systems decisions (even correctly computed) can lead to catastrophic consequences for goods or lives. The development of real-time controllers in distributed environments has been proven a very complex task, in terms of both development difficulties and related costs. We have provided a new systematic method and associated automated tools to develop hard real-time control applications reducing both development costs and delivery time. We use a simulation-based methodology for development, incrementally replacing simulated components by their real counterparts interacting with the surrounding environment.

The candidate will follow the methodology for developing real-time embedded application. A target application will be identified (to be discussed with the candidate according to his/her background and interests), and a complete application will be developed from scratch using our techniques and tools (which include advanced visualization tools, a development environment, and specialized hardware).

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Gabriel Wainer


Amit Badlani



Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and communications technologies


Carleton University


Globalink Research Internship

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