Realistic and high-performance rendering

State-of-the-art computer graphics technology allows for the generation of images and animations that border on photo-realistic quality; however, this level of fidelity is often reserved for feature-film productions where the time budget is much more flexible. In the case of interactive graphics, such as approaches that are used in video games, similar demands are made on the quality of the computer graphics output, however much more restrictive computation budgets are imposed: for example, each frame of a computer graphics animation in a video game must be computed in a fraction of a second, as opposed to several hours (the typical budget allotted in feature-film animations). As such, developing interactive image synthesis (rendering) algorithms capable of delivering both high-fidelity results, as well as doing so using very little computation time, is a challenging problem in both applied and theoretical computer graphics. This Mitacs Cluster will segment and address several important problems in the domain of realistic real-time rendering. The results of these internships will be immediately applicable towards the development of more immersive, interactive virtual experiences in the current and next generation of video games and interactive media.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Derek Nowrouzezahrai


Renaud Adrien Dubouchet, Mahdi Mohammad Bagher, Ismael García Fernández & Aude Giraud


Microsoft Canada


Computer science


Information and communications technologies


Université de Montréal



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