Recommendation in Entrepreneurship Social Networks through Questions & Answers (Q&A)


Recommendation is a critical problem in social networks and social media. In this project, we tackle the problem of recommendation in entrepreneurship social networks through questions and answers. The novelty of the proposed research is on three aspects. First, we use Q&A activities to express users’ interest. Second, we recommend not only single users as most of the existing recommendation systems do, but also a small group of users carrying complement expertise to satisfy the requirement and potentially can work together. Last, we consider both the content of the Q&A activities as well as the patterns in successful Q&A activities in the past. The outcome of this project will be a proof-of-concept prototype system for SilkStart.


Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Jian Pei


Yi Cui


SilkStart Technology Inc.


Computer science


Information and communications technologies


Simon Fraser University



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