Reconstructing DoDAF (Department of Defense Architecture Framework) compliant high level views from information systems

Information systems are critical assets for enterprises and contain important knowledge acquired over the years. Over time, as these software systems grow in scope and complexity, they introduce greater variability in design at the level of individual software components. As a result, these systems deviate from their initial architecture. The latter can no longer be used as a medium to support various activities such as the analysis and the certification of these systems. To address these shortcomings, it is mandatory to reconstruct these systems’ current architecture. For this purpose our research project aims at proposing techniques to reconstruct high-level views representing the architecture of information systems. The architectural views on which we focus are those prescribed by the DoDAF (Department of Defense Architecture Framework) specification. The outcomes of our research project will therefore provide to our partner’s architects and analysts a basis for information systems analysis and certification.

Faculty Supervisor:

Timothy Lethbridge


Alvine Boaye Belle


KDM Analytics Inc


Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and communications technologies


University of Ottawa



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