Reconstruction of Historic Phosphorus Loadings to Mara Lake: Evaluation of Changes in Trophic State

Mara Lake in the southern interior of British Columbia, Canada, experienced a large algal bloom in 2010. Such algal blooms can be harmful to the health of humans and livestock, and can damage the ecological, recreational, and resource values of the lake. The algal bloom was associated with increased nutrient inputs from human land uses in the lake’s watershed. This project will use a paleolimnological approach to make objective, credible inferences as to past changes in human caused nutrient loading to Mara Lake. Inferred changes in past nutrient levels will be compared to contemporary indicators of nutrient loading obtained from mass balance approaches. The data and anticipated results from this study will inform best management and remediation measures to manage nutrient loading and mitigate environmental damage at Mara Lake.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ian Walker


Nicholas Hebda


Fraser Basin Council


Environmental sciences





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