Reddit Community Analysis

People are social creatures and interacting with others is a fundamental human behavior. As people spend more time online, a larger part of their social life also become online. Online Forums such as Reddit have become very popular because of this. In this project, we want to define the what health means with regards to online forums – is it the quality of the comment, the average length of the comments, frequency of posts, number of users, the language of the posts or a combination of these. We also hope to determine which factors can affect the health of an online forum. Through this research, the partner organization hopes to gain better understanding on online community dynamics and do future investigation whether toxicity like cyberbullying, sexting and cyber threats play a major role in death of a community.

Faculty Supervisor:

Fred Popowich


Wenzhen Gong


Two Hat Security Research Corp.


Computer science


Information and communications technologies


Simon Fraser University



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