Reduced-Complexity Radio Resource Management Algorithms for Heterogeneous MIMO Cellular Networks

Future broadband cellular systems will require very high throughput data transmission to satisfy ever increasing demands of mobile users for high speed multimedia services. Using innovative approaches to multiantenna transmission/reception and to cooperation of network nodes the achievable data rates can be greatly increased. Two significant obstacles to achieving very high data rates are interference and network latency. In this project, we shall attempt to reduce interference by introducing novel methods and algorithms to coordinate
transmissions from clusters of network nodes. Also, we will investigate the detrimental effect of delayed channel state information on the performance of the proposed algorithms, and will introduce techniques mitigating it. This project is of great interest to its partners and its outcomes are expected to be of significant relevance and benefit to the design and operation of future wireless networks.

Faculty Supervisor:

Witold Antoni Krzymien


Hakimeh Purmehdi




Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and communications technologies


University of Alberta



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