Reducing Chloride Corrosion of Stainless Steel

The research will investigate alternative methods for reducing cholorides in the nitric acid recovery circuit at Cameco Corporation's Blind River Refinery (BRR). The current method being used at he BRR is an oxidation system that utilizes an ozone generator to produce ozone as an oxidant. This method has proven to be inconsistent in terms of chloride removal at varying nitric acid concentrations, as well as being costly with regards to energy consumption, operation and maintenance. This research project will first investigate alternative oxidation sources, such as nitrogen dioxide, that will be more effective, consistent and cost]effective. The research project will also include a treatment method for the chlorine gas being purged from the nitric acid solution. If the oxidation method fails, then further methods will be investigated, such as chloride precipitation and filtration systems.

Faculty Supervisor:

Cory Searcy


David Spence


Cameco Corporation




Mining and quarrying


Ryerson University



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