Reducing Debt Sentences: Evaluating the Use of Human Rights Discourse by the Canadian Federation of Students in Support of Universal Higher Education

As affordable post-secondary education is a growing problem in Canada, centralized student advocacy groups like the Canadian Federation of Students – Manitoba (CFS-MB) are working to advocate for universally accessible higher education to ensure every Canadian has the equal opportunity to pursue advanced studies. This research will review universal higher education as a human right within the Canadian context and investigate how student activists conceptualize their work in relation to human rights, including if activists and organizations fighting for universal higher education would see value in incorporating human rights into their work. CFS-MB have identified research as a gap in their organizational needs, and this partnership will be of great benefit as it will allow them to obtain original research that will inform their advocacy work, and allow them to disseminate the findings to their student members.

Faculty Supervisor:

Bruno de Oliveira Jayme


Danielle Milln


Canadian Federation of Students




Other services (except public administration)


University of Manitoba



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