Reduction-to-practice of embedded sensors and means of propagating analog signals over digital networks for aerospace

DreamWafer Prototyping WaferBoard™ is a “waffle iron” for prototyping electronic printed circuit board (PCB) systems. Simply place components (“dough”) in the WaferBoard™ and close the cover. "WaferBoard™ then senses the component contacts and recognizes the components and intelligently interconnects them (“cooks them”). The prototype (“waffle”) is now ready to be brought up and run. The WaferBoard™ will have saved the PCB development process weeks or months of time to market and tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more). The DreamWafer Prototyping research objective is to build and validate a WaferBoard™ prototype.

The commercial and economic benefits include over $100 million of DreamWafer revenues over 10 years. DreamWafer Prototyping is a Platform for providing a wide range of creativity and innovation that could be disruptive and far reaching in Canadian Industry and Canadian Universities. It will result in many new Canadian start-up-companies with a competitive edge, by shaving months from time-to-market and saving hundreds of thousands of dollars off of design cycles for sensors, robotics, process control, instrumentation, vision systems, medical equipment, remote sensing, displays, telecommunication devices, multimedia, computing, defence and consumer electronics.

Faculty Supervisor:

Drs. Yvon Savaria, Yves Blaquière & Ahmed Lakhssassi




DreamWafer Division


Engineering - computer / electrical




Polytechnique Montréal



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