Refinement of a Bioelectric Sensor to achieve real-time quantification of BOD

The necessity of cost-efficient and reliable wastewater treatment processes has increased in order to meet more stringent levels of environmental regulations, increased system reliability requirements and tightening operational budgets. To aid in meeting these operational goals, a strong market for low-cost, high-fidelity sensor technology that can relay real-time information to system operators on all aspects of wastewater treatment system performance has developed. This project looks to advance an existing prototype biosensor to the point of marketable as an end-of-pipe regulatory Biochemical Oxygen Demand monitoring device. The success of this project will produce a technology with the capability of reducing the duration/incidence of environmental contamination events, and future development of the biosensor and platform would allow for improved management of wastewater infrastructure and treatment processes. This sensor technology will well support the aforementioned goals and reduce the impact on ecosystem and human health from incompletely treated wastewater.

Faculty Supervisor:

Rob Jamieson


Colin Ragush


Island Water Technologies Inc


Engineering - civil


Life sciences




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