Regional predictive mapping of paludification black spruce forests in the north eastern Canada using remote sensing and statistical modeling

As researchers at the UQAT we are currently undertaking with our partner, Tembec, a project on the regional mapping of the extent of the organic layer accumulation over time on the forest floor of the boreal black spruce forests (paludification) in the Abitibi and North of Quebec regions. Gaps that this project will address include exploring for the first time new remote sensing imagery (i.e., Landsat-8 and Sentinel) and alternate image analysis statistical approaches. This project builds on exiting UQAT and UQAM projects that dealt with different aspect of paludification that have been undertaken during the last 15 years; and will be using this 15-years extensive ground soil/vegetation data to produce the first predictive paludification map at the regional scale north of the 49th parallel. By using a broader range and combination of alternatives there is greater likelihood of finding a feasible (economic and practical) method that could be sustained for paludification management assessment using remote sensing methods.

Faculty Supervisor:

Osvaldo Valeria


Ahmed Laamrani


Tembec Inc.




Environmental industry




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