Remote slit-lamp diagnostic tool

The main objective of the project is to provide the Institut de l’OEil des Laurentides (IOL) with the capability of receiving patients from remote locations without requiring the patients to physically come to the IOL. A remote diagnostic tool would allow the IOL to improve the comfort of patients as well as expand its activities to new locations farther away or outside of Québec. The main technological contribution of the project will be the development of a platform for remotely using a slit-lamp while preserving the stereoscopic vision capability that is currently available only to the locally located ophthalmologist. A stereoscopic capture, transmission, storage and display solution will be developed to support this effort. The validation of the system in a clinical practice environment will be performed to ensure the acceptability by ophthalmologists and the usability by non-specialized and remotely located technicians.

Faculty Supervisor:

Carlos Vazquez


Mohamad Kharboutly


Institut de l'œil des Laurentides


Engineering - computer / electrical


Life sciences


École de technologie supérieure



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