Research and Data Analysis of Aycoutay Wellness Device user scans

The Aycoutay Health Screening Device is based on well-established EEG technology. It is a modern, computerized EDA based health monitoring/screening device that performs a comprehensive analysis of the bio-electrical activity of each organ and gland, as well as the critical interrelationship between them, using algorithms that translate this electrical data into diagnostic information. It is designed for wellness consumers and provides a primary diagnostic estimation or an opinion about state of internal organ systems. During a session, a user would perform a 30 second scan, this simple, affordable, cost-effective, painless, non-invasive and radiation free test can monitor all body systems at once to determine if they are functioning properly.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ammar Sarhan


Todd Best


Aycoutay Technologies


Computer science


Health care and social assistance


Dalhousie University



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