Research and implementation of haptics device integration with a dynamics simulation engine and applications to milling and drilling force feedback (second stage)

Virtual environments represented by multibody system models play an important role in many applications. Adding the possibility of the user directly interacting with such environments via physical touch using haptics can significantly enhance the usability and range of application of simulated environments. In this project we particularly target two main objectives: (1) the multirate-simulation and haptics challenge to incorporate realistic kinesthetic force feedback in multibody dynamics simulation of geometrically complex mechanical systems, and (2) application to milling and drilling bone in spinal surgery simulation. The partner organization, CMLabs will greatly benefit from this project. The proposed work is of direct relevance to their current work, and will also open up possibilities to broaden the applications of CMLabs’ software platform Vortex. This current proposal represents the second stage of the internship.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Jozsef Kövecses


Kamran Ghaffari


CM Labs Simulations


Engineering - mechanical


Digital media


McGill University



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