Research on Multi-Platform Supported Realtime Locator for Transport/Fleet Management Applications


The objective of this project is to conduct research on the multi-platform supported Locator device by investigating an easy-to-port and extendible design to migrate a Locator firmware offered by WebTech Wireless Company on alternative operating systems with more advanced features. The locator firmware is currently run on the FreeRTOS operating system, which is known to be small and simple, but only with limited capacity to support complex application and process large amounts of data with high accuracy. We thus plan to migrate and refactor the firmware onto more advanced operating systems such as embedded Windows and embedded Linux operating systems. WebTech will benefit from the proposed research by gaining the Locator device with its firmware working on the embedded Linux and Windows operating systems. In addition, the developed refactoring design also helps enable fast provisioning for other operating systems, making the Locator device and its firmware more flexible and extendible to further enhancements. 

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Jiangchuan Liu


Feng Wang


WebTech Wireless


Computer science


Information and communications technologies


Simon Fraser University



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