Research on Wideband Tunable Semiconductor Laser

Wavelength tunable lasers are indispensable in future wavelength division multiplexing networks which can improve the communication capacity significantly. The objective of this project is to develop wavelength tunable semiconductor lasers with an ultra-wideband. By exploiting wave manipulation method, we will target the physical realization of such a device with high fabrication yield and high reliability. As a representative of such devices, a semiconductor laser with its center lasing wavelength at 1550 nm or 1310 nm with a considerable tuning range will be designed, simulated, and experimentally demonstrated through prototyping and characterization. Meeting growing bandwidth requirement, tunable lasers will promote the development of optical communication. Therefore, this research project will enhance the competitiveness of the partner organization in communication and related fields and bring enormous economic and social benefits.

Faculty Supervisor:

Xun Li


Chuanning Niu




Engineering - computer / electrical


Professional, scientific and technical services


McMaster University



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