RESPOND (Resource Efficient Smart Packet Optical Network Design): A Novel Packet-Optical Design and Optimization Framework for Next Generation Networks

The focus of the project is to develop an packet-optical network resource optimization model that minimizes the total network cost across IP-optical platform while meeting the following requirements: (i) Offers full protection from any network node and link level failure. (ii) Ability to handle large scale networks and traffic demand (i.e., network scalability). (iii) Meets end-to-end latency requirement. (iv) Provides efficient link utilization across the packet-optical networks. (v) Ability to forecast network capacity augment requirement. (vi) Provides machine-user interactivity during the run time. (vii) Ability to improve the performance of the software (i.e., model) over time.

Faculty Supervisor:

Anwar Haque


Rashed Nekvi


Juniper Networks


Computer science


Information and communications technologies




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