Retention of Bioactives in Haskap Berry Powder Produced by Refractance Window Drying

Haskap berries are a recent arrival to the North American market. They have extremely high levels of bioactive compounds that are associated with various health benefits including antioxidant activity and the reduction of many degenerative diseases. This research investigates the use of Refractance Window (RW) drying for the production of a high quality haskap powder for LaHave Forests Inc. Benefits to the company include an assessment of the bioactive quality of the powder throughout the manufacturing process and during various storage conditions. In addition, the potential use of the powder in beverages will be assessed and bioactivity determined. The results from this research will aid LaHave Forests Inc. in the development of new healthy haskap berry products.

Faculty Supervisor:

Su-Ling Brooks


Giovana Bonat Celli


LaHave Forests Inc.




Natural resources


Dalhousie University



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