Revegetation of disturbed areas in Northern Manitoba

Revegetation of northern Manitoba ecosystems, disturbed by hydroelectric development, is critical to meet the ecological and cultural needs of the First Nation communities located in these areas. To establish a viable self-sustaining ecosystem, it is important to understand the challenges associated with reclamation in these disturbed areas. The main goal of our proposed research is to develop revegetation strategies using native plant species (selected in consultation with the indigenous communities) and addition of organic matter/ fertilizer following soil decompaction. Plant growth will be monitored over two growing seasons to evaluate the success of the reclamation strategies. These results should allow us to improve the success of reclamation and develop guidelines for other sites currently under development in northern Manitoba. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Sylvie Renault;John Markham


Tess McDonald


Manitoba Hydro







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