Rich Qualitative Assessment of the Whytecliff Learning Centres’ Therapeutic, Whole-School Approach to Early Intervention

The Whytecliff Learning Centres, managed by The Focus Foundation, have been proven successful in providing a learning environment for vulnerable students who were at risk of not graduating high school due to complex combinations of factors such as mental health issues, addiction, behavioural problems, special needs, and family circumstances. As part of a grant the Centres received from the BC Ministry of Education, the Foundation will report on the Whytecliff schools’ performance in terms of student outcomes, mental health, and the centres’ unique integrated approach to education. This project investigates how the unique learning environment achieves the results as quantitatively measured in student outcomes (such as attendance, course completion, and graduation rates), and qualitatively reflected in student and staff interviews. Detailed, data-driven documentation of the Centres’ successes may lead to continued support for the Focus Foundation, and could
support the translation of elements of its unique approach for implementation in other schools.

Faculty Supervisor:

Wanda Cassidy


Cristina Serverius


Focus Foundation of British Columbia








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