Risk Alive Analytics

The primary functions of the Risk Alive Analytics tool are to predict risk and time to unsafe days and predict the occurrence of hazardous events (incidents with the potential to cause injury to personnel, damage to the environment, or financial loss) at given processing facility(s) and in addition develop a Risk Profile of a facility under study, and benchmark it to other facilities and similar equipment and processes. ACM has gathered a large amount of process hazards and risk analyses (for example, Hazard and Operability Studies) and data on Oil & Gas facilities and pipeline operations. One of the fundamental tasks of this project is to use data mining and data conditioning techniques to structure risk related data sets and to apply statistical analytical techniques mining in order to identify trends that will allow the development of a model to predict the probability of future adverse events.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jon Rokne


Abdul Waheed Ayeshaa Parveen


ACM Facility Safety


Computer science


Construction and infrastructure


University of Calgary



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