Rule Based Systems in Parametric Modeling

Computer‐Aided Design (CAD) systems have matured into comprehensive environments that enable designers to efficiently represent and refine their designs. Parametric modeling, in which a design can be easily altered after it is made, is a major recent development in the building sector of the CAD industry. Bentley's Generative Components (GC) is a one such system. This MITACS ACCELERATE project with Bentley Systems, Incorporated, developers of engineering, design and CAD software, aims at improvements in a key aspect of GC and at new knowledge of algorithms and interfaces for design systems. It will use results from a separate research area in CAD. In generative design, rules are used to specify actions that a design system may take autonomously. The project will increase the adaptability of GC part libraries by using rules whereby parts can automatically detect where they can be applied within a design. The result will be increased efficiency in using parametric models and greater ability of such models to change when new information is made available to the design process.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Robert Woodbury


Davis Marques, Karine Kozlova,Roham Sheikholeslami, Maryam Maleki


Bentley Systems Incorporated


Interactive arts and technology


Information and communications technologies


Simon Fraser University



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