Salmon Early Marine Survival Research Program

Salmon are inarguably one of the most culturally, ecologically, and economically important fish in British Columbia, however, their stocks have been declining since the 1990’s. The Cohen Commission of Enquiry expert panel emphasized that juvenile mortality during the first months at sea was the most likely cause of fishery declines. The two leading agents of mortality are hypothesised to be food availability for growth and pathogen / parasite infection. The Hakai Institute Juvenile Salmon Program is explicitly addressing these two hypotheses. The interns recruited to the program will research the food-webs that support juvenile salmon, sea lice prevalence, and the impacts of both of these on fish health and mortality. The wide spatial and temporal coverage of the Hakai programs and incorporation of new technologies makes this program well placed to meet these fisheries research needs, while contributing significantly to intern training.

Faculty Supervisor:

Brian Hunt


Natalie Mahara


Tula Foundation




Environmental industry




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