Scalable Fault Detection, Diagnosis, and Situational Awareness for Modern High-volume Data Pipelines

Globally, industries are seeking to develop new products and services from the large-scale data sets they hold. As these systems move from prototypes into fully operational 24/7/265 commercial solutions additional services must be provided to detect and address system faults and failure as they arise. Within classical engineering plants, e.g., those of the telecommunications, petrochemical, transportation, etc. industries, these tasks are performed by fault detection and diagnosis (FDD) and situation awareness solutions. This Accelerate project will design and implement a prototype FDD and situation awareness solution for this emerging high-volume data pipeline industry. The solution will be tested and operationally assessed for two industry-held high-volume data pipelines, one in the telecommunications industry and one in the cyber-security industry.

Faculty Supervisor:

Stephen Neville;Thomas Darcie


Zeverin Isert;Autumn Umanetz


Alacrity Foundation


Engineering - computer / electrical




University of Victoria



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