Scale-up synthesis of novel amine-containing polymers and their initial application as materials for additive manufacturing and responsive coatings/adhesives

In the pursuit of materials that combine the inherent stability of a plastic with additional novel features, this project aims to develop a new platform of nitrogen containing polymers. Using novel synthetic pathways, we have developed and characterized such materials with features such as enhanced strength, adhesion, and self-healing capabilities. This project seeks to bring these materials from the academic bench-top to commercial production scale. Large-scale production will be used to facilitate the application of these materials into blends with other commodity polymers, which will be used to fabricate printing materials for 3D-printing (additive manufacturing). These materials will also be applied as coatings that possess improved adhesion and durability. The ulti

Faculty Supervisor:

Savvas G Hatzikiriakos;Laurel L Schafer;Ken MacFarlane


Damon Gilmour;Tanja Tomkovic


A2O Materials Inc





University of British Columbia



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