Scaling 3D Microtissue Production Using a Microwell System

Tissue engineering works to replace damaged tissue and organs, and has applications in treating diseases such as diabetes. To improve the performance of tissue engineering treatment and research, our lab has produced the microwell system which creates microtissues in the form of cellular balls. The microwell system has been used used internationally under the brand name AggreWell™, supplied by STEMCELL Technologies and allows researchers to produce enough microtissues to treat diseases in animal models, such as mice. This project will focus on scaling up the existing microwell system so that it can produce enough microtissues to clinically treat humans. The proposed designs for the microwell system must be validated and prototyped. Should a final functional design be identified, this research may lead to the production of a new tissue engineering tool which will be commercially pursued by STEMCELL Technologies in collaboration with the University of Calgary.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mark Ungrin


Douglas Kondro


StemCell Technologies


Engineering - biomedical


Medical devices




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